Elizabeth Oliver Baking

Taking knowledge of life experiences, trial and error, and training in a French bakery, to create delicious creations for the eyes and taste buds


My Favorites

Elizabeth Oliver BAKING makes every cake and dessert table that is unique towards each client and event. EOB will take your favorite flavors and design the desserts around that. Your imagination is the menu. These are some of my favorites that I make, and possibilities to get your ideas rolling!



Full bodied yellow cake with a strong vanilla flavor. 

Rich cake with deep cocoa and a hint of coffee flavor

Moist cake filled with deliciously ripe bananas


Lemon, Lavender, Raspberry, Pistachio, Hazelnut, Coconut
All made with yellow cake yet becomes unique with each flavor


Vanilla, Lemon, Chocolate, Raspberry, Lavender

Chocolate, White Chocolate, Hazelnut Chocolate


Lemon Curd

Fresh Fruit Puree


Swiss Meringue Buttercream
Light and airy buttercream yet luscious. Perfect accompanyment to any cake or base for fondant. All flavors possible



Pastry dough crust topped with Lemon, Raspberry or any other fruit curd. And an optional toasted meringue


Vanilla and Chocolate cake mixed with any flavor buttercream

Chocolate and White Chocolate Chip Cookies


Shortbread that are typically flavored with floral notes


Best for a large party. Usually similar flavors to large cake. Can have any flavor option.


My Story



This business began on a foundation of a love for baking. I have always loved cooking and baking but after I visited an open air museum called Ballenburg in Switzerland, it opened my eyes to the possibility turning my passions into a career. It was a place where they focused on the simple way of living where the goat outside your window made the milk you were turning into cheese. I knew from then on, I wanted not only to focus on food but also the care and love that can be put in any item. The fresh and made from scratch is so much more delectable than any store bought. 
Heading into my last year of college I was hired at a very famous french bakery as a sales person. I knew it was my first real step into fulfilling this dream. I was able to learn about all the products to the consumer. After a period I grew up the courage and asked to be trained to work in production. That is where my dream flourished. I kept my eyes and ears open and eventually was given more duties and responsibilities where I could continue to learn. I now make anything in a day from pastries such as eclairs, macarons, and tarts to croissants. Even as I grew in the bakery I knew there was so much more outside of what we sell and I realized that a more expanded dessert worldview such as cakes is what I really enjoyed. Someone took a chance on me and asked me to make a cake; strawberry shortcake. The excitement in my own creation and execution being sold and eaten and even loved made my heart soar and dreams ignite. Elizabeth Oliver Baking began right then and there.
I chose the name Elizabeth Oliver for my business because it is my two middle names, yes I have two! They are family names including my first, Eva. I couldn't think of any better homage to my family than the names that have lived before me. My great-grandmother EVA are some of the best recipes my family still has today. My family is everything to me. Laughter and loud are our main forms of communication and for that I am eternally grateful. My family of two sisters, two brother-in-laws, an adorable and rockin’ nephew, a beautiful niece, that are all guided by two amazing parents, have made me, me. They are the people that drive me.
Now this business is only the start. In the end I hope to one day have a bakery or bistro where my friends and family can all come, break bread and do what we do best, talk:) I want a place that is my home and hopefully customers as well. Somewhere my nieces and nephews can work when they are older, where our ever growing bunch can have holidays and I can make my roots. A small place for breakfast and lunch that not only focuses on the food but the ambiance as well. And yet there is a place for delectable and delicious desserts. Where my two loves, the people in my life and food can come together. Thanks for entering into this story!

NEWS & UpDates


Happy New Year!

the End of 2016 was a great and Busy time for EOB. Want to thank our amazing clients and the support from everyone!

After some time celebrating with Family, we are Back taking Orders as of January 3rd!!!

Contact now for any upcoming events on our contact page or email!!